Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

By: Cindy Aldridge, Our Dogs Friends

If you’re not a dog lover, chances are you know someone who is. Experts estimate that approximately 42.5 million households own dogs nationwide. As you can imagine, many of these same people consider their pets to be members of the family. And as members of the family, they should be included when it comes to holiday shopping. Regardless of whether you’re obsessed with a furry, four-legged friend yourself or know someone who is, Top Dog shares a few things to add to your holiday gift list.

GPS Dog Tracker
If you never thought you’d buy a fancy gadget for a dog, think again. These days, technology provides special benefits for dog owners, which is where a GPS dog tracker comes in. Plus, there are a variety of GPS-powered dog trackers to choose from, including some that monitor a dog’s activities and others that are actually a collar-and-tracker combo. This is a great gift that can ease worries about a dog’s safety and whereabouts.

For the dog who doesn’t shy away from wearing extra layers, there are tons of winter clothes options out there that will keep a dog festive and warm. From hats, sweaters, boots, and bandanas, they’re sure to look cute in just about anything. Consider adding bells to a new collar so they can hear jingle around the house, or get matching pajamas so your friend and their pup can be festive together.

Little Extras
Make a care basket and stock up on food and treats, as well as things a dog really needs like heartworm and flea medicine. Throw some toothbrushes, immune-boosting probiotics and dog-friendly toothpaste or bones in there as well..

Knick Knacks
You can always gift a loved one with mementos featuring their pup. You can create a custom pet pillow with their photo or name on it, or craft personalized items like a mouse pad, playing cards, jewelry, mugs, and photo frames.

Safety Gear

If a pup needs some new gear, there’s always a stylish yet secure new collar for them to wear as well as tags with their name and the owner’s address and phone number inscribed. A harness or retractable leash are also good ideas depending on the breed.

A Pet-Friendly Getaway
If you really want to wow your pet lover, book them a stay in a dog-friendly rental close to a great beach and other places like restaurants and stores that welcome pets. Your friend and their dog can enjoy some extra time to bond and explore.

Pamper Them
If your friend’s pet could use a little freshening up, a visit to a dog groomer allows them to be properly bathed, get a haircut and have their nails trimmed. Perhaps purchase a plush new bed or get a blanket embroidered with their name. You could also get a gift card to doggy daycare so they are not stuck at home or for a dog walking service. Alternatively, you can get a gift certificate to their kennel of choice or offer to dog to sit for them so they know their pup is well cared for and in their natural environment.

If you’ve read through all of these ideas and still haven’t found the right gift idea, you can always opt to purchase some new toys for your favorite pup this holiday season. Toys are always a safe bet because they’re items dogs tend to enjoy most. Do some research beforehand though and get the right toy for the breed of dog. According to Purina, “Dog breeds have certain characteristics that are their defining features. If you buy a toy that challenges these traits in your dog, they are more likely to love the toy you give them.”

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