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Dog Training

It’s important to train our pets to listen for a number of reasons. If they are running toward danger, we need to be able to yell “stop.” If they’re going to meet new people, they need to learn not to jump or bite. But what’s most important is making sure your dog is comfortable with the progression of how they are being trained. Here are TOP DOG’s training tips on how to raise a top dog!


Positive Reinforcement

It’s easy to get lost in the land of “no’s” when training your pet. It’s important to remember that they need to be told when they do well just as when they do poorly. It’s easier to train with kindness, anyway!

Another key of positive reinforcement is being aware of your dog’s progress in training new skills. If they seem to be hitting a slump or uncomfortable, remind them that they are still loved. This becomes especially important in meeting new animals: make sure you understand what your dog’s behavior means!

Clear Instructions

Being clear about what you expect from your pet is a key factor of dog training. It’s easy to yell “no” at your dog when they do something wrong, but you need to use more words to help them understand what it right. Be proactive instead of reactive. Train them to do what you expect with a clear set of words for each task. Try to limit “no” only when they are doing what you said incorrectly.

Realistic Expectations

Not even a human can learn a brand new skill overnight. Please do not expect miracles from an animal! It will take each dog a different amount of time to learn tricks than other dogs, even ones you know. If you’re was accustomed to bad behavior for a prolonged period of time, it will be harder to train them to listen. If they were allowed to jump for years, it will be hard to train to them not to. Just understand that your dog needs time to understand that what you are teaching them is a part of life. It will come with time, practice, and consistency.

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Excerpted from Traci Their and Kellyann Conway for Petfinder:

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