Stress-Free Dog Nail Trimming

Stress-Free Ways to Trim Your Dog’s Nails – Dog Grooming

Stress-Free Dog Nail Trimming - Dog GroomingNo need to stress out when your dog grooming calls for his nails to be cut.  Make sure your grooming does include regular nail trims because if they are too long, the pressure can cause soreness in doggie paws.  In addition, nails that are not groomed regularly can cause your dog to walk in an unnatural position which will have negative effects on his whole body.  Here are some tips:
1.  Use only “scissor” type clippers. Guillotine style clippers can crush the toe nail, which is painful.   Make sure to never put the whole nail in a clipper.
2.  Use small size clippers for better control. Only giant breed dogs will need large ones.
3.  Keep your tools sharp: either replace or sharpen your clippers regularly for the easiest nail trims.
If you happen to cut the quick, use baking soda to staunch the bleeding. It is very important that if you haven’t  cut your dog’s nails in a long time, only cut a small part each time because you will likely cut into the quick and make him bleed if you cut a larger amount.  Each time you groom him & cut his nails, the quick will dry up and recede.  This will then allow you to cut a bit more each time until the nail is at a healthy length.
Excerpted from Dog Grooming / By Dr Karen Gellman,

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