New Year’s Pet Resolutions

Ah, the New Year’s Resolution. To some, it’s the beginning of great new habits for the new year to come. For others, it’s a cultural hoax to put no stake in. But no matter how you feel about New Year’s Resolutions, we should all want to keep improving our lives and the lives of those around us. As part of that, we should try and improve our pet’s lives as well! Here are a few “New Year’s Pet Resolutions” to help you get started.

Try Something New!

What better way to start your pet’s resolutions for the new year than with some new friends? In today’s times, it’s easier than ever to find pet-friendly events in your area. Dog parks, puppy day camps, and training classes are a great way to socialize your pup and assist in long-term social adjusting.

Be sure to test your dog’s temper in the manner before signing up for anything long term! While classes and groups are great for young or social animals, not every pup is cut out for a group setting! You can start small scale by introducing known animals (other family/friend pets) over, with leashes, to start the process of familiarizing. Just remember to always take it at their pace!

Take Some Health Precautions

A good resolution that everyone should strive for every year is a doctor’s visit. At least once during the year, you should be assessed by a medical professional for a “check-up.” In that same vein, you should also be taking your pets in for a check-up of their own. Sometimes small symptoms of illness can go unnoticed by even the most attentive pet lover! Taking your pup in for a check-up is a great start to preventative health.

And while you’re at your check-up, make sure their vaccinations are up to date as well! 2017 had an unfortunate influx of infectious diseases amongst pets due to reckless anti-vaccination practices. Be sure to keep your pet protected from easily preventable infections.

Check in on Their Diets

Sometimes when we’ve been feeding our pets the same food we’ve always trusted, we can miss important ingredient changes. Ingredient changes can happen for any myriad of reasons, but in many cases ingredients changed for cost reasons lead to a lower quality of food. Make sure your pet is only ingesting the very best! Watch out for fillers like corn gluten, wheat gluten, and meal by-products.

And while you’re rethinking the ingredients, take a look at the amount your pet is eating daily. Their nutritional needs may have shifted due to age or weight changes over time. Usually, the food packaging should inform serving size, but you can always ask your vet for more advice if you’re unsure.

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Excerpted from Business Wire, From PetSmart PR’s Virginia Hock:

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