Easy Ways to Give a Dog Bath

An Easy Way To Give A Dog Bath

Easy Ways to Give a Dog BathHaving a hard time getting Fido to get into the tub for that dog bath?  We understand that a big white tub can be intimidating, even for the biggest dogs.  And, if your dog is tiny, it is even more frightening!  Here are some great tips to get them into the tub easier so you can lessen her stress during a dog bath.

1.  Every day, stash a delicious treat or your dog’s favorite toy in the tub and let her find it. (You might have to clue her in a few times, till she gets the idea of looking there herself.)
2.  Turn jumping in and out of the tub into a game–have your dog watch you toss a treat into the tub, then let her go in after it. While she’s there, give her another treat, then encourage her to get out of the tub and do it again. Do this five or six times, a couple of times a week.
3.  The slippery tub bottom will spoil the fun for a lot of dogs. Leave a rubber mat in place so your dog always has secure footing as she hops in and out of the tub. A nonskid absorbent mat on the bathroom floor is a good idea, too.
Excerpted from How to Best Give Your Dog a Bath by By Jolanta Benal, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, The Dog Trainer,   http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/pets/dog-behavior/how-to-best-give-your-dog-a-bath

Once Fido is safely in the tub without freaking out, it will make the rest of the dog bath SO much easier!  And, if you can’t convince them that your bathtub is a fun place to be, bring them to our experts at TOP DOG.  We can do the dog bath for you and our famous dog cookies are just the thing to distract them!  There are lots of great grooming packages to choose from as well.   https://topdogbarkery.net/dog-grooming/

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