DOG TREATS – How To Properly Give A Dog Treat

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Here are some great tips on dog treats and how to train your dog to take a treat gently:

  • The treat should be brought closer to the dog’s face, not waved in the air above him. Hold it just under his mouth or at chest level, where he can easily take it from you without jumping or snapping.
  • Whatever he is doing just before or while he’s being treated is being reinforced, so treating at the wrong time can reinforce the wrong behavior.
  • Timing is important when you are treating your dog, but so is the size of the treats. Rewarding behavior with frequent small treats is more likely to be effective than offering your dog a single large treat.
  • There are plenty of variables to think about when treating your dog. The next time you offer your pooch a treat, pay attention to your own behavior and your dog’s response to it, and consider how you might change your tactics to get a better response from your canine.

Excerpted from an article by BY MIKKEL BECKER | JULY 15, 2015 in

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Giving Dog Treats

The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Give a Dog a Treat

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