Winter Safety Tips for Your Dog

Winter SafetyIf you’re like us, then you’re enjoying the crisp winter at around 50 degrees this winter. But if you’re not lucky enough to in California, then you need to take proper precautions to keep your pet safe from the cold. Here are our TOP DOG winter safety tips for your pets.


Cautious Walks

This one should be easy since you should be careful on walks regardless of weather. But there are a new set of potential risks that happen when you walk your dog in the winter. Ice will likely be all over the ground in random patches, so watch out for slippery spots! Even worse is thin ice. Do not let your pup play on any kind of frozen pond with signs of thin ice. If it breaks, they will be submerged in ice water.

An often overlooked risk of walking in the winter is antifreeze being within eating distance of your fur baby. People will be using antifreeze and road salts to help rid some of the dangerous ice. But those chemical compounds are extremely hazardous to your pet- it only takes one teaspoon of antifreeze to cause kidney failure in your dog. If you think your pet has ingested any of these chemicals, take them to the vet NOW.

Protect Their Paws

Those nasty chemicals mentioned earlier can do a number on your pup’s feet as well. Consider washing your dog’s feet once you come back from walks to prevent corrosion from the salt chemicals. If you want to take it a step farther, there are also boots and balms meant to keep your pet’s feet safe while walking outside in the winter.

Preventative measures can also be taken to help keep your pup’s paws safe. Trim the fuzz that comes out from between their toes to prevent ice balls from forming on their feet.

Monitored Outside Time

You can help your dog acclimate to the weather by letting them outside for shorter, monitored period of time. You can still play and run, but they should be brought back in shortly so their bodies can build heat back up. Doing this a few times a day should help them be less intimidated by winter chill.

You may also want to consider wrapping your dog up, depending on how they act in cold weather. There are plenty of jackets and boots available for dogs to keep them warm!

There are a couple different ways to help your dog stay safe outside this winter, but the option you choose should depend on the individual pet. Don’t push your dog too far if they cannot handle the cold.

TOP DOG has everything you need to keep your furry friend warm this winter. From clothing to freshly baked goods, bring your pup in for the TOP DOG treatment!

Excerpted from Ellaine Kiriluk from The Buddy Foundation, for the Daily Herald:

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