Winter Activities for You & Your Pup

Winter Dog ActivitiesWhat do you do when it’s too cold to play outside? It may be too chilly to walk, but your furry friend will still need some exercise to burn off energy during the winter. Here are some great play ideas to enjoy a day indoors!


Hide & Go Treat

It can be hard to train a dog to play traditional hide and go seek… but throw a treat into the mix and you’re all set! Hiding treats around your house is a great way to keep your dog engaged while stuck inside.

This game gives for a lot of variance depending on what your dog prefers doing. More of a hunting dog? Up the difficulty to give your dog a good challenge. Have a more lazy baby? Maybe just slightly under the couch will do.

Puppy Play Dates

Unfortunately, this one requires you to leave the house (or try and convince someone to do the same). But the results are a day full of running and playing that is sure to help your dog release some energy from being inside all winter.

This winter dog activity also helps beat the blues that are often associated with the season. Dogs are prone to lethargy just as humans are. Giving them time to play with a friend helps keep their spirits up when they can’t have as much time to explore outside.

Rope Toys

Rope toys are the BEST when keeping your dog occupied indoors! A strong, sturdy rope toy will give you and your dog a great workout during the winter. Try incorporating specific patterns of pulling into your routine to help work out tired muscles for you AND your pet!

SAFE House Ball

What did mom always say? “No playing ball in the house!” But there is a better way to play ball that doesn’t lead to your pup knocking over something potentially important.

Instead of throwing the ball and watching your dog tear after it, try rolling the ball all over the house instead. Underhand tossing gives more control on the path of the ball and gives less chance of your pup running erratically into things.

Teaching Time

With nothing else to do and nowhere else to go, why not train your pup? The prolonged downtime will have your pet craving some kind of interaction and engagement time. Plus, you’ll have their complete and undivided attention. This is a great winter dog activity for keeping your pup’s mind sharp!

For more winter dog activities, come check out TOP DOG’s events that go on all season long! From Yappy Hour to Bow-Wow Brunch, we’ve got you covered on fun, pet-friendly activities year-round.

Excerpted from Melina Giakas of BarkPost Blog:

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