Westminster Dog Show Grooming Tips

Dog Show GroomingThe 142nd Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show came to a close earlier this week after two days of prestigious competition.


Beautiful and talented dogs from all across the world came together in New York in order to compete for best in show. The Westminster finalists are by definition some of the most well-groomed dogs in the world, and we have some of their best tips to share with you today!

Use Your Snood

“Snoods” are a common hair styling tool for women, combining the words “scarf” and “hood” to describe its usage. Snoods are commonly used in professional dog grooming in order to prevent static and keep things clean around a dog’s freshly cleaned head region. They’re also a great tool for drying off your pups head and body regions!


Fighting Greasy Skin

Some breeds with long ears of excess skin are notorious for their oily build-ups. It’s important to keep the extra oils at bay to prevent skin irritation. Dawn dishing washing soap is very useful in fighting against excess skin oils. As one dog show participant stated, “If it works on a duck on TV, it surely works on the grease they get in their ears.”


… Or Add Some Oils In!

Some dogs, such as silkier terriers, may need extra oils added back into their skin to help keep their delicate hair fresh. If puppy hair oil sounds a little too “extra” for your dog, consider adding more oil-rich foods to their diet to help natural production. Small amounts of egg and fish are great for keeping hair soft!


What’s important to remember is that each dog has specific needs depending on their breed and coat type. Even if you don’t know your pup’s breed, you can get an idea of their fur type through washing and brushing. Be conscious of your dog’s individual needs before trying any new bathing routines!

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Excerpted from Charles Curtis of For The Win: http://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/02/westminster-dog-show-2018-grooming-secrets-breeds-photos




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