Resources for Helping Neglected Pets in Your Community

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As an animal lover, you want to do all you can to help your furry friends, especially those in your immediate community. The thought that there may be animals in your area that are in need of care because they’ve been neglected or abandoned can be heart-wrenching. Luckily, there are things you can do to help. This guide offers resources and tips that you can use to make a difference.

Explore the Different Ways You Can Help Animals

Decide how you’re going to help and create a clear action plan.

  • Get inspiration from existing animal support organizations and charities, like The Cat Network and Fences For Fido.
  • Use surveys to gather feedback from your community about what types of animal support organizations could be useful.
  • Once you have a concept for how you’ll help your four-legged friends, create a business plan to hammer out the details.

Get the Resources You Need to Start Helping

You’ll have to invest in some supplies to help your four-legged friends.

  • Make a list of any tools and supplies you’ll need and tally up the total costs.
  • Look for sources of funding to help get the cash you need for these expenses.
  • Find volunteers who can support your initiative, using local tools like newspaper articles and radio public service announcements.
  • Do your research to see what kind of space you need to accommodate animals. For example, if you’re starting an animal shelter, you need a suitably sized building.

Consider Formalizing Your Efforts by Starting an Animal Charity

If you want to scale up your charitable work, you can set up a nonprofit entity.

  • Perform a needs assessment to see what kind of problems your nonprofit will solve.
  • Register your animal charity as a formal corporation in line with your state-specific guidelines.
  • Set up a business bank account to keep your private and professional funds distinct.
  • Confirm your business’s tax reporting requirements with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Promote your nonprofit on social media; you can use a quick image resizer to adjust the sizes of photos you post on social media platforms.

If you love animals and want to protect their wellbeing, there are many ways you can help. The above guide outlines some of the options and provides resources and tips you can leverage to safeguard your furry friends.

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