How to Help New Year’s Eve Firework Panic

New Year's Eve Firework PanicNew Year’s Eve is right around the corner! But with the holiday comes a lot of booming loud fireworks sure to scare the majority of pups in the world. Here are a few tips on how to help your dogs New Year’s Eve firework panic.

Take a Walk

Taking your dog for a walk will help burn off extra energy that can add to the firework fear. With any luck, your pup will be worn out after a long walk and want to sleep the rest of the night away. This won’t prevent them from being afraid of fireworks, but the hope is that it will make them calmer when they are feeling nervous about the loud noises.

Use Other Noises

Keeping your pet indoors already reduces the volume of the overall noise from the fireworks. Turning on more noise during the firework display will help drown out even more of those unwanted booms. A calm radio station or some talk television is nice for setting a calmer mood in the house. If you want to go a step further, you can even find music specifically for calming dogs on YouTube!

Keep Calm

This one may seem obvious, but it is still a very pertinent part of calming your pup’s New Year’s Eve firework panic. Your dog will naturally come to you for help if it is feeling threatened or scared. Don’t meet this call for help with hostility or panic of your own. Being harsh or rigid to your pet will make them feel even more threatened, and increase the likelihood of bad behavior out of fear.

Lock Up

Another obvious tip, but don’t allow any more sound into your house than you need to! Close all windows and doors as tightly as possible to prevent added sounds from sneaking into the house. If need be, add towels or other buffers around drafty windows and doors to keep your house as sound-sealed as you (reasonably) can.

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Excerpted from Joe Bulmer from DevonLive:

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