Caffeine and Canines: How to Enjoy Coffee Shops with Your Furry Friend

By: Nick Burton,

Move over, cat cafes! Everyone knows dogs are (wo)man’s best friend. According to, more than half (53%) of all households in the United States now include dogs as companions. Perhaps this is why more cities are becoming increasingly pet-friendly. Even if your city didn’t make the 2021 Top Ten List, there are likely plenty of great cafes you and your dog can enjoy together.

If you love canines and coffee, the following rules of etiquette from Top Dog Barkery will allow you to enjoy your two favorite things at the same time.

1. What are Your Local Laws?

Local laws around dog-friendly establishments can vary, so it’s best to do some research before visiting your local coffee shop with your puppy at your side. You can start by checking your local health department codes. Or, as an easier alternative, you could simply call the coffee shop in advance to make sure it’s okay to bring your dog. Many coffee shops will allow dogs at a designated outdoor seating area, even if they don’t allow dogs inside.

Consider starting a vlog and posting on YouTube and social media. People are obsessed with cute dog videos, and adventures that also highlight city and business pet-related laws could be a great twist! To direct viewers to your other social media pages, use this template to create your banner for YouTube. It’s simple and fun to use, and you’ll get a great customized (and reusable) product!

Etiquette Tip: Local laws vary, so get permission from your local coffee shop before you show up with your pet.

2. “Keep Your Paws Off My Coffee!”

For the love of all things holy, please keep your dog away from other people’s food and beverages at the coffee shop. And your coffee, for that matter. There are two reasons for this suggestion. The first reason doesn’t require explanation: having some stranger’s dog drink up (or knock over) your freshly-brewed cappuccino would be any coffee lover’s nightmare. The second reason is more of a safety concern. Dogs are more sensitive to the effects of caffeine than humans are. Keep your dog’s health and well-being in mind at all times.

Etiquette Tip: Keep an eye on your faithful companion at all times. Your fellow coffee lovers will thank you, and you will most likely avoid any emergency trips to the vet.

3. Order a Puppy Latte

Many coffee shops enjoy seeing your furry friends so much that they might even offer a special treat just for them. From bigger chains like Starbucks to local mom-n-pop coffee shops, you can almost always find either a “puppy latte” (think: whipped cream in a cup) or at the very least, some dog biscuits. Now that’s something to wag your tail about!

Etiquette Tip: Most of the time, there is no charge for these puppy treats for paying customers. Don’t take advantage of your local cafe’s generosity. Always purchase something before asking for a doggy special.

4. Obedience Training, Socialization, Grooming.

A visit to a coffee shop can be a great way to socialize your dog or puppy. You’ll meet countless dog-loving people (and possibly even a few other dogs). It’s a great opportunity to practice any obedience training behaviors you’ve been working on with your dog. Plus, the puppy latte’s can serve as a reward for good behavior.

In addition, consider grooming your pup before going to a public venue. Nobody likes being around a stinky dog, especially in an enclosed space where eating and drinking are taking place. Make sure Fido is all spruced up from a fresh bath before heading out to the cafe. If you and your pooch are in the Huntington Beach, California area, stop by Top Dog Barkery for a groom and a treat!

Etiquette Tip: Bring treats your pup loves so you have a powerful motivator to keep them focused on you.

Prepare Your Pup for Successful Adventures

If caffeine and canines sounds like the best day ever, why not head on down to your local coffee shop with your furry friend? As long as your dog has had some obedience training and you follow the rules of etiquette listed above, a trip to the coffee shop can be a wonderful adventure for you both.

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