24 Fun Indoor Activities for Dogs (Great for Rainy Days!)

By: www.thedogclinic.com

These 24 indoor activities for dogs are great for additional enrichment. They shouldn’t replace walks, but can keep your dog entertained – especially when outdoor time is restricted due to bad weather, health problems, or age.

Canine enrichment is more than just a daily walk. Dogs also need mental stimulation to stay happy and reduce the chance of problem behaviours, such as barking or destructiveness.

Indoor activities can provide vital enrichment when your dog can’t spend enough time outside. Whether extreme weather conditions are curtailing your usual long walks, or your pet’s exercise is restricted due to injury, age or surgery, indoor games can help.

Here are 24 of my favourite indoor activities you can perform in any weather. I’ve focused on games where you are involved, as this builds a strong bond – plus your dog will have a lot more fun!

24 Fun Indoor Activities for Dogs (Great for Rainy Days!)

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